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Business bank accounts available through professional advisers

At Prosperity bank we have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in providing your clients with tailored accounts for limited companies, partnerships and contractors.

Reserve Account for Businesses and Ltd Companies

A business bank account that is available to be held in sterling, euro or US dollars with instant transfers between linked accounts and up to 30 day-to-day transactions per month.

Corporate Account

Designed to be a business' primary current account, allowing up to 200 day-to-day transactions per statement month and a VISA Deferred-Debit card.

Asset 30 Account - Issue Two

An account that offers a slightly more favourable rate of interest on a business' cash funds, providing that 30 days notice can be given of each intended withdrawal.

Business Notice Account 95

An account designed for an organisation's funds of over £25,000 to allow your business clients to gain favourable interest rates but still retain access, providing that 95 days' notice can be given before making a withdrawal

Term Deposit Account (Non-Personal)

Our sterling Term Deposit Accounts are designed to provide business clients with a fixed return on funds of over £50,000 that can be deposited for an agreed term of between 1 week and 24 months.


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